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In a world saturated with advertisements, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out. How do you know which types of advertising work best to reach your prospective customers?  Is advertising even in your budget?  You know that it is necessary, but where do you start? Marketing Studio can help you wade through all of the options and identify which types of advertising might reach and attract more serious customers to your business.

Cheerful greenhouse display at Farmington Greenhouse

Effectively Advertising Your Small Business

Creativity for your greenhouse, hobby farm, floral design boutique, or bakery

Gas station TV, restroom digital advertising, digital menus, shopping cart and checkout divider advertising, videos on social media sites.  These are just a few alternative types of advertising that your small business could utilize in addition to more traditional types like local TV and radio advertising, newspaper ads, and billboards (both stationery and mobile). Creativity in advertising your small business is limitless, even in rural settings.  Opportunities and venues abound in sharing the value of what you offer.

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