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Graphic Design

Design plays a very large part in visually portraying your business, whether it is online or in printed material.  Thoughtful design conveys a positive image of your farm, CSA, farmers’ market, hobby farm, greenhouse, deli, or other food establishment and attracts customers.  Let Marketing Studio showcase your business with creative promotional material for a specific occasion or for a line of professional and attractive printed pieces as part of your overall marketing plan.

  • Product labels

  • Packaging

  • Display materials

  • Menus

  • Flyers

  • Signage

  • Business cards


Branding - Recognizing Your Business

You want your business to have strong, memorable name recognition. Branding creates that recognition but is much more than just a logo. Your brand is your image, which defines you and sets you apart from your competition.  Marketing Studio can work with you to establish, communicate, and maintain your company’s unique personality and expertise in a consistent manner throughout the marketplace, thereby building trust and loyalty, and drawing customers to your business.

Familiar farm brands signs displayed at large farm event in Le Sueur, Minnesota
Marketing Studio - Colorful and descrptive banner advertising a small CSA in Montgomery, Minnesota
Marketing Studio - Pineapple Sage product line
Well-branded colorful seed packets
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