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Website Design and Maintenance

Anchor your candy shop, hobby farm, farmers' market, CSA, floral, greenhouse, bakery, or food truck with a website.  A website is a foundational way to let the world know of your presence and expertise, and it showcases your business in its entirety in one place.  A well-designed and maintained website will establish your enterprise in the marketplace and convey the validity and significance of your business.

Soft, buttery homemade caramels

Blogs - Educating Your Customers

You want to inform and educate your customer about your small business.  Blogs are one of the best ways to share and display your expertise about what you do best on your crop and/or dairy farm, at your nursery, in your growing field, on your CSA, or at your farmers' market. They allow you to introduce and explain various aspects of your small business in-depth so that customers can understand the hard work that you do, and as a result, better appreciate the value that they receive. Blogs also allow your customers to interact with your posts and provide real-time feedback.

Keeping your customers informed and educated builds strong connections.  Blogs are an effective marketing communication tool that results in increased loyalty to your brand, and are a low-cost, friendly, and informal way to educate your customers that allows them to participate and feel like they are invested in your business.

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