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Promoting your small agricultural, horticultural, and food business in Southern Minnesota

Our Focus

Marketing Studio has a passion for helping small agricultural, horticultural, and food-based businesses grow. Our primary goal is to thoroughly understand your unique business so that we can design the most effective marketing plan to help you succeed. We focus on communicating the value of your enterprise and expanding your business so you can focus on running your business.

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Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your well-established agricultural business, Marketing Studio can help.  We can launch your livestock or crop farm, CSA, hobby farm, farmers’ market, or other farm venture into the marketplace and pursue your target clientele; whether it be individuals, specialty groups, or larger organizations.


Keep your horticultural enterprise competitive and thrive in a marketplace full of growers, breeders, nurseries, orchards, vineyards, and large garden centers.  Marketing Studio can elevate your plant-based business by engaging the marketplace using multiple tools of communication tailored to draw customers to your business.


To survive and be profitable in an extremely challenging and fickle market, your bakery, CSA, deli, meat market, food truck, or restaurant must have a unique draw and be nimble enough to navigate through constantly changing market expectations.  Marketing Studio can help you create and maintain a strong marketplace presence to attract new customers and keep regulars returning through consistent and engaging communications.

Marketing Studio specializes in promoting and growing  your business through email marketing; social media; direct mail; graphic design and branding; blog marketing; website design, development, and maintenance; advertising; photography services; and customer surveys.  Contact us today to discuss your business goals.

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About Marketing Studio

Marketing Studio works with small agricultural, horticultural, and food-based businesses in Southern Minnesota by creating promotional strategies designed to establish, strengthen and expand their position in the marketplace.  Our goal is to identify, target, attract, and retain customers to help small businesses thrive and grow using a variety of tools customized to their unique needs.

Marketing Studio - grow your small business like this apple tree in spring with budding fruit
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