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Social Media

Social media has quickly become a key marketing tool to communicate in new and unique ways for small businesses.  When balanced properly with other marketing tools, social media can be a powerful way to create community and expand your reach, promote your business, and highlight specific events and unique features.

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Social Media for Your Small Business

Promoting your farm, hobby farm, CSA, or bakery

Social media tools are abundant and can be overwhelming because they are constantly changing.  Yet this dynamic communication tool enables you to actively and successfully engage the marketplace and promote your farming, horticultural or food enterprise with little or no investment cost.  Social media is very effective in announcing activities like:

  • Birth or acquisition of new farm animals

  • CSA shares and changes

  • New menu items

  • Frequent farm updates

  • Seasonal product availability 

Because of the brief nature of social media messages, a wide variety of information can be delivered quickly and frequently.

Allow Marketing Studio to assist you in choosing the most appropriate social media applications for your small business and then create and cultivate a loyal community  through timely, relevant and engaging posts and interactions with customers.

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